South Africans couldn’t buy new BMWs due to “technical glitch”

BMW South Africa has confirmed that certain customers were unable to purchase new vehicles due to a “technical glitch” in its invoicing system.

This issue was brought to our attention by a MyBroadband reader who recently tried to purchase a new BMW 1-series from an official dealership – but soon encountered problems.

The reader said he was looking at new cars at the end of 2019 and he resolved to buy a 1-series on 2 January 2020.

He asked the dealership for a quote, but this is where he began to encounter problems.

According to the reader, when BMW South Africa first sent him a quote for the vehicle he wanted the price was in British pounds.

This was fixed shortly afterwards, however, and he received another quote in South African rand – after which he decided to move forward with the sale.

Invoicing problems

The MyBroadband reader finalised the sale on 7 January 2020, and he was reportedly told by the BMW dealership it would deliver the vehicle on 9 January.

The customer said he did not receive the vehicle on this date, and upon visiting the BMW dealership on 10 January, he encountered more issues.

The reader said that when he arrived to pick up his vehicle, dealership staff told him they were unable to invoice any new cars as they were having problems with their new IT system.

According to the reader, the staff at the dealership said they moved over to a new system at the beginning of the year and were encountering problems.

The reader then waited until 13 January to check whether the dealership was able to issue him an invoice.

He said the staff were unable to invoice his purchase and therefore couldn’t deliver his vehicle.

On 14 January, the reader contacted MyBroadband again to say he had received an invoice for the sale.

The reader said the employees at the BMW dealership told him the system problems resulted in them being unable to sell any new BMW vehicles.

This was not an isolated case – users on social media also complained they were unable to purchase new BMW cars due to the invoicing system problem.

Issue resolved

MyBroadband asked BMW South Africa about these reported problems, and it confirmed it had encountered issues with its system migration.

“We recently encountered a technical glitch on a small number of sales as we move to a new invoicing system,” BMW said.

“We communicated with our customers directly as we worked to solve the issue.”

“This is now done, and we are able to return to the levels of service our customers expect from us. We regret the inconvenience caused to those affected,” the company added.

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South Africans couldn’t buy new BMWs due to “technical glitch”