VW, Toyota, and Ford – Car prices in South Africa from 2011 to 2020

The prices of South Africa’s most popular cars have increased over the course of the last decade.

Motor vehicle sales in South Africa slowed down significantly in 2019 and total vehicles sold showed a decline of 2.8% – with 536,626 sales in 2019 compared to 552,227 sales in 2018.

355,384 of the cars sold in 2019 were passenger vehicles, 9,863 less than in 2018, representing a 2.7% drop.

Research published by the AA in November 2019 showed that many South Africans were choosing to hold onto their older vehicles for longer due to the state of the economy.

The study found that 30% of respondents’ primary cars were over 10 years old, and another 25% of the participant’s main vehicles were older than five years.

The big winners

Nevertheless, three of the big manufacturers which managed to post impressive sales figures in 2019 included Toyota, Volkswagen, and Ford Motor Group.

Volkswagen’s Polo Vivo was the top-selling passenger car with 29,618 units, while the standard Polo came in second with 22,249 sales.

Toyota’s Corolla Quest managed 14,536 units to claim third place, while the Fortuner (11,644) and Etios (9,445) grabbed fifth and seventh place, respectively.

Ford featured twice in the top 10, in sixth with the Ford EcoSport mini SUV (9,802 units) and ninth with the Ford Figo (7,985 units).

Price increases

All these cars have been in the market for more than seven years, establishing trust among South African car owners due to their reliability and competitive pricing.

We compared the entry-level prices of several of these vehicles over the course of the last decade – from 2011 to 2020.

To establish whether these cars have become more expensive, we adjusted prices for inflation from January 2011 to the current date.

The calculations showed that for most of the cars, the prices have increased – however, these upward pricing adjustments may reflect new features and design improvements added over time.

Note that in certain cases the indicated years will be fewer, as a number of models have not been available for that long.

Volkswagen Polo Vivo

Polo Vivo

Year Price
2011 R116,065
2012 R119,500
2013 R119,500
2014 R142,700
2015 R143,800
2016 R170,300
2017 R173,800
2018 R179,900
2019 R191,400
2020 R198,200
Inflation-adjusted increase R14,013
Inflation-adjusted price R184,187

Volkswagen Polo Trendline

VW Polo

Year Price
2011 R147,900
2012 R153,900
2013 R160,100
2014 R188,300
2015 R201,900
2016 R209,000
2017 R229,600
2018 R235,000
2019 R252,300
2020 R259,100
Inflation-adjusted increase R24,394
Inflation-adjusted price R234,706

Toyota Corolla Quest

Year Price
2014 R174,900
2015 R174,900
2016 R199,400
2017 R208,500
2018 R212,700
2019 R235,000
2020 R249,900
Inflation-adjusted price increase R15,398
Inflation-adjusted price R234,502

Toyota Etios Xi Hatchback

Toyota Etios hatch

Year Price
2011 n/a
2012 R115,800
2013 R118,800
2014 R127,800
2015 R134,500
2016 R144,300
2017 R163,900
2018 R171,000
2019 R179,500
2020 R188,000
Inflation-adjusted increase R14,831
Inflation-adjusted price R173,169

Ford Figo Ambiente Hatchback

Year Price
2011 R114,980
2012 R118,670
2013 R118,670
2014 R132,700
2015 R144,900 (later R158,900)
2016 R169,900
2017 R175,700
2018 R181,300
2019 R185,600
2020 R195,200
Inflation-adjusted increase R12,735
Inflation-adjusted price R182,465

Ford Ecosport Ambiente

Ford Ecosport

Year Price
2013 R199,000
2014 R207,000
2015 R217,900
2016 R247,900
2017 R252,900
2018 R264,500
2019 R254,950
2020 R271,500
Inflation-adjusted increase R10,912
Inflation-adjusted price R282,412

Renault Kwid Expression

Year Price
2016 R119,900
2017 R124,900
2018 R127,900
2019 R134,900
2020 R144,900
Inflation-adjusted increase R22
Inflation-adjusted price R144,922

Nissan NP200

Nissan NP200

Year Price
2011 R109,400
2012 R115,300
2013 R120,900
2014 R129,950
2015 R139,000
2016 R152,900
2017 R159,900
2018 R165,500
2019 R173,500
2020 R183,500
Inflation-adjusted increase R9,890
Inflation-adjusted price R173,610

Note that for the NP200, the model price used for 2011 to 2019 was the 1.6 8V Base pick-up. This model was discontinued and the R183,500 for 2020 is from the 1.6 Base Safety pick-up, the new entry-level model.

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VW, Toyota, and Ford – Car prices in South Africa from 2011 to 2020