Activity on the roads increases as lockdown extension in South Africa kicks in – Photos

Anecdotal evidence suggests that more people are on the roads and many beggars have returned to traffic lights, following the extension of the national lockdown.

Photos taken by MyBroadband on the N1 shortly after the lockdown started and again in the fourth week, show a stark difference in the number of cars and trucks on the road.

It is, however, not only the N1 which seems busier. There is also a high number of cars on other roads in Johannesburg and Tshwane.

The number of cars on the roads has also attracted beggars to traffic lights, who were absent during the first days of the lockdown.

While these beggars returned shortly after the lockdown kicked in, there now seems to be far more people hanging around at traffic lights than before.

It is not clear whether their return is caused by higher traffic volumes or because they ran out of money.

Police warning about breaking lockdown rules

SAPS has issued a stern warning that people should continue to adhere to the lockdown regulations or face being arrested and charged.

Many people have been arrested at roadblocks who are travelling between provinces or districts without permission.

Gauteng Premier David Makhura revealed that 10,126 suspects have been arrested in the province for contravening the lockdown regulations to date.

9,624 cases against these people have been opened and 7,481 suspects are currently awaiting to appear in court.

An interesting comparison is that around 10 people were arrested in Gauteng for every 1 person who tested positive for the coronavirus.

While infections and breaking the lockdown rules are not directly related, it does give an idea of the impact of the disease and the impact of the lockdown on the population to date.

There is also particular unhappiness about restrictions on jogging, walking your dog, buying alcohol and cigarettes, and online sales and deliveries.

N1 highway on day 1 of lockdown

N1 Photos

N1 Photos

N1 Photos

N1 highway on day 23 of lockdown

Beggars have returned to traffic lights

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Activity on the roads increases as lockdown extension in South Africa kicks in – Photos