War against South African truckers as 20 trucks attacked and burned in hours

Mayhem broke out last night when around 20 trucks were petrol-bombed and destroyed on various roads in the Heidelberg area.

FleetWatch editor Patrick O’Leary reported that numerous trucks on N3, R103, R23, and R550 around the Heidelberg area were set alight.

“This, by all measures, was a well-planned and coordinated campaign with all attacks having started at around 10.15pm with trucks on four major freeways being hit at the same time,” said O’Leary.

It is currently not clear who is behind the attacks and no organisation has yet claimed responsibility.

O’Leary said the attacks can no longer be regarded as a protest action, no matter what the cause of the protest.

“Such a campaign can be classified as terrorist attacks against the transport industry and the economy,” he said.

“This is a declaration of war against truckers and the economy which has been well planned over multiple levels.”

O’Leary urged the government and the SAPS to get to the bottom of the continued attack against truckers.

He said only decisive action will serve to protect the trucking industry while it goes about its task of keeping the wheels of the economy moving.

“Given the dismal performance of rail, the trucking industry is the only sector that is keeping the economy moving and yet it is being hammered on all sides. Tonight’s attacks being just one,” he said.

“Tonight’s attacks can be seen as a declaration of war against truckers and given the vital role the trucking industry plays in the economy, a declaration of war against the economy.”

Economist Mike Schussler highlighted that the war on truckers and their cargo has been raging on for over two years.

“In my opinion, it shows how unemployment impacting the economy,” Schussler said in a Twitter post.

Trucks attacked and burned

Dispatch Live reported that the police have launched a manhunt for the criminals who “petrol-bombed nine trucks on the N3 and R103 near Heidelberg on Thursday night”.

ENCA reported that 15 trucks were petrol-bombed by occupants of several vehicles who forced the trucks to stop by pretending to have been in an accident.

“A suspect who has a previous arrest warrant has been detained by police,” ENCA said.

The photos below, courtesy of Patrick O’Leary and FleetWatch, shows the destruction caused last night.

ENCA report

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War against South African truckers as 20 trucks attacked and burned in hours