Amazon to install surveillance cameras on delivery vans

Amazon is planning to install surveillance cameras in its delivery vans to monitor drivers as they deliver packages to customers.

This is according to a report by The Information, which unearthed an unlisted, recently published video on Vimeo explaining the implementation of cameras.

Amazon has partnered with Netradyne to implement its Driveri system, which comprises a quad-camera array that is mounted near to the Amazon delivery vehicle’s rearview mirror.

This camera system records footage of the road ahead, the driver and passenger doors, as well as the driver themselves and the packages in the cargo space behind them.

Amazon said that the Driveri system does not feature live view functionality or audio recording, meaning that no-one can drop into a live stream of drivers delivering packages or monitor their conversations.

The Driveri camera system records 100% of the time, Amazon said, although it is only triggered to push an alert and save video under certain circumstances.

Alert system

The Driveri camera system will monitor Amazon delivery drivers and will deliver audio warnings if they contravene safe driving rules.

If the Amazon delivery driver fails to stop when required, does not maintain a safe following distance, exceeds the speed limit, or is distracted while driving, the Driveri system will warn them with an audio command and record the footage.

This system also records and saves video without providing an audio alert under various conditions, including when it detects high G-forces, low impacts, U-turns, and driver drowsiness.

The driver can also manually trigger the system to document safety concerns via a physical button on the Driveri device.

Amazon lauded the driver coaching abilities of the Driveri system, which comprises audio warnings when issues are detected.

In a demonstration video, Amazon showed off the capabilities of the system, with the Driveri camera array stating phrases such as “no stop detected”, “maintain safe distance”, and “please slow down” when it detected contraventions of safe driving standards.

The report stated that it is not clear when these cameras will be rolled out across its fleet and when they will be added to Amazon delivery vans.

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Amazon to install surveillance cameras on delivery vans