FordPass Connect now available in South Africa

Ford has launched its FordPass Connect modem and FordPass app in South Africa, allowing owners of new Ford ranger models to perform advanced command and control functionality and see relevant vehicle data on their own smartphone device.

“FordPass Connect makes life simpler and easier and, as Ford South Africa’s best-selling vehicle – which is locally produced at the Silverton Assembly Plant in Pretoria – it is the first to offer this innovative technology as standard,” the company said.

The full offering will be available as standard on all Ford Ranger XL, XLS, XLT, Wildtrak, FX4, and Ranger Raptor models produced from February 2021.

All Rangers equipped with FordPass Connect are fitted with an embedded modem at no additional cost that pairs with the FordPass smartphone app to unlock a range of new connected services.

FordPass Connect is then paired with existing vehicle infotainment systems in these models.

Key features of FordPass Connect include:

  • Vehicle Status and Remote Vehicle Monitoring – Owners can check their vehicle’s key variables including fuel level and oil status, tyre pressures (where the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is fitted on the Wildtrak) and mileage through the convenience of their smartphone.
  • Remote Start and Stop (automatic models only) – Drivers can start their vehicle’s engine from home, the office or elsewhere via smartphone, enabling the vehicle’s cabin to commence heating or cooling to the last used setting. A scheduled start can also be programmed for a predetermined time via the FordPass app, and can be configured to repeat on selected days throughout the week. The vehicle is automatically locked when remote starting. It can only be driven once the driver inserts the ignition key, or presses the ‘Start’ button with the proximity key in the vehicle.
  • Remote Lock and Unlock – Drivers can lock and unlock their Ford remotely, meaning they don’t have to rush back to their cars to check if they have remembered to lock their doors. This also allows drivers to let passengers into their vehicle regardless of whether they are there or not.
  • Vehicle Locator – Courtesy of a map and location tracker in the FordPass app, drivers can find their way back to their vehicle in a busy parking area without the need to remember exactly where they parked it.
  • Vehicle Health Alerts – These can be sent directly to a smart device pre-empting service needs, general maintenance such as a low washer fluid alert, and more. The alert is designed to identify specific issues and even recommend a course of action.
  • Map and Search – Customers have access to an extensive range of search options, including Ford dealers, fuel stations, available parking, entertainment, coffee shops and travel destinations such as hotels and lodges.
  • Maintenance Schedule – All key vehicle information is available in the FordPass app, including the vehicle identification number (VIN), new vehicle warranty, and Ford Protect Plan. The owner can also check the upcoming service intervals, and schedule a service at their preferred dealer with the app linking to the website the facilitate this process.

Other features include roadside assistance, vehicle support, a FordPass Guide service, and over-the-air updates for automatic software upgrades and enhancements.

Limited features for older models

The FordPass app is further compatible with Ranger models produced from 2017, providing selected vehicle, warranty and maintenance information, as well as the available search functions for dealers, fuel stations and parking.

However, the FordPass Connect modem cannot be retrofitted to add the location, command, or control functions.

Ford added that other than the usage of mobile data for the user’s smartphone, there are no data costs associated with the FordPass Connect modem, which connects to the cloud via the 4G mobile network,

Additional information on FordPass Connect can be found at or by downloading the FordPass app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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FordPass Connect now available in South Africa