I booked to renew my licence online and it was a breeze

I recently used the National Administration Traffic Information System (Natis) online platform to book a slot to renew my driver’s licence, and I was thoroughly impressed with the experience.

It took about 20 minutes to process my renewal application, including eye tests, biometrics, and paying for the renewal and a temporary driver’s licence.

I also had to fill out a renewal form again as the DL1 form linked on Natis’ website is outdated, which added to the time.

Using the Natis online platform, I booked a renewal slot at the driving licence testing centre (DLTC) at Eco Park in Centurion for 15:00 on Friday, 24 May 2024.

When booking a renewal slot, the system advises motorists to arrive 15 minutes early for their appointment. However, I got delayed while getting my ID photos and arrived just before.

I was pleasantly surprised to arrive to smiling faces, no queues, and nearly every processing station occupied.

Having filled out an outdated form, the officer at the front desk said she would print me the correct one and showed me where to sit down.

Within a minute or two of completing the new form, I was called to one of the processing stations.

The staff member who served me was helpful and friendly. After quickly entering my details, she captured my thumbprints and explained how the eye test works.

The first part of the test went smoothly. However, I struggled with the peripheral light test due to the frame of my glasses blocking the flashes.

The officer assisting me noticed and let me retake that part of the test without wearing my glasses.

While the instructions were a blur as a result, I was successful in my second attempt.

I then paid R300 for the renewal and temporary driving licence and was on my way. I left the DLTC at 15:17.

While I had a pleasant experience processing my renewal using the Natis’ online platform, not all motorists report the same.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) launched the platform over two years ago and it is still limited to just two provinces.

The RTMC launched the online system in February 2022, allowing Gauteng and Eastern Cape motorists to book renewal slots, among other things, online.

MyBroadband spoke to RTMC spokesperson Simon Zwane in September 2022. He said it is up to each province’s transport MEC to decide if it will support the service.

“The RTMC has made the service available to all provinces and will be able to roll it out as soon as the provincial authorities indicate their readiness to have the services,” said Zwane.

“So far, Gauteng and Eastern Cape provincial departments of transports are the only ones that have taken the decision to introduce the services in their province.”

MyBroadband also spoke to Western Cape transport and public works department spokesperson Jandré Bakker, who said the province had not enrolled because of the “many challenges” the rollout faced in Gauteng.

“The department has been waiting for a report on the experience of Gauteng to assist with the decision-making process,” he said.

“The report was recently received and it must still studied by departmental officials.”

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I booked to renew my licence online and it was a breeze