How many of these classic mobile phones can you identify?

The world’s first mobile phone call was made by Martin Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola, on 3 April 1973.

Know Your Mobile reported that Cooper used a prototype device which weighed over a kilogram, and was the size of a brick.

Ten years later Motorola launched its first commercial mobile phone – the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.

What followed was a mobile revolution which saw rapid developments in the mobile networking and mobile phone markets.

Phones got smaller and more powerful, and started to offer far better battery life despite being lighter than their predecessors.

The “smaller and lighter” battle changed with the advent of smartphones, where bigger touchscreens, more processing power, and longer battery life became the focus points.

These mobile developments produced many classic mobile phones from brands like Nokia, Motorola, Apple, and Samsung.

See how many of these classic mobile phones you can identify in MyBroadband’s Classic Phone quiz.

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How many of these classic mobile phones can you identify?