iFrogz Impulse – the Bluetooth headphones that don’t make you look stupid

When you say the words “Bluetooth headset”, the first associations are “silly-looking” or “yuppie” earphones.

A more recent association you might make is Apple and Motorola’s decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from their flagship smartphones.

The two companies offer alternatives to wired headphones, with Apple stating it “believes in a wireless future”.

During its announcement of the iPhone 7, Apple also unveiled its new AirPods – wireless headphones that have been on the receiving end of jokes, despite not being launched yet.

Defying the stereotype

The iFrogz Impulse wireless earbuds from Zagg break the Bluetooth headset stereotypes.

They are wireless and use Bluetooth to connect to your device, but you wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance.

Thin wires run from a main control unit to the earbuds, like “normal” headsets. The main wireless hub also has a clip so that it may be attached to your top.

With the hub clipped on and the earbuds in, it is nigh impossible to tell that you’re wearing a Bluetooth headset.

The iFrogz Impulse is not the only Zagg headset that uses this design. It also makes the Charisma, Summit, and Plugz.

However, the Impulse is billed as its “premium audio” set.


Audio performance

Wireless headphones have a reputation for delivering poorer-quality sound than their cabled counterparts.

This preconceived notion is broken by the Impulse earbuds, delivering top-quality audio.

They feature reflective acoustics, which Zagg said creates rich and clear sound through its 11mm drivers.

We tested the headset over of a month, listening to everything from classical music to heavy metal, and using it for voice calls.

If I had to nitpick, I’d say the bass sounds weren’t quite as rich as I’d like them, but for a relatively-inexpensive set of wireless earbuds it was great.

Overall, the music we listened to sounded great and voices were always clear.

Pricing and availability

Zagg’s iFrogz Impulse wireless earbuds are available on Takealot, listed for R679.

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iFrogz Impulse – the Bluetooth headphones that don’t make you look stupid