I ordered a hard drive to a Makro locker – This is what happened

Makro launched its locker delivery option in 2015, offering customers the option of having an item delivered to a storage unit of their choice.

The locker solution is ideal for an individual who cannot guarantee their location at a certain time or day, and risks missing the delivery of an online purchase.

While my office-bound existence does not necessitate the use of a Makro locker, I decided to use one anyway – here’s how it went.

Ordering online

The first step is to order an item from Makro’s online store. We chose a 1TB external hard drive.

The item was ordered at around 18:30 on a Wednesday and the locker delivery option was selected. Delivery to a locker costs R30, which is added to your total bill.

Once the locker option is selected, an online map shows you the location of available lockers in your area.

Users can use the map to select a locker, or select from a list of lockers in their area. Once a locker is selected, Makro states it will SMS you when the package arrives.


Your delivery is ready

I received an SMS the Friday morning after the order was placed telling me my package had arrived.

The SMS contained the location of the locker (with a Google map link) and a unique code which I was to use to access my package.

Makro stated that the order will expire in 48 hours if not collected. (The item is then collected by Makro from the locker and you are refunded.)


Opening the locker

As a large, yellow, metal box, spotting the Makro locker was not difficult.

The unit contains multiple shelves and cupboard-like sections, each with their own door and identification number.

A large touchscreen at the centre of the unit provides easy instructions on what you must do to access your order. The touchscreen was responsive and quick to action inputs.

I entered my unique number and door number 3 opened – with a delivery box inside.

After taking the box out and checking its contents – it was the correct hard drive – I closed the locker door and went on my way.

And that was that – easy, effective, and convenient.



Hard-Drive Box

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I ordered a hard drive to a Makro locker – This is what happened