Beats Studio headphones review

The box of the Beats Studio headphones send a clear message: a big, quality box for big, quality sound. Can they deliver on that promise, or will things just end up falling flat?

Design and build quality

Unfolding the outside layers of the box, you’ll find the headphones and cables in a sturdy carry case with a handily attached carabiner.

The headphones themselves have a glossy plastic outer shell, with a leather padded headband and earcups.

While the shell seems stylish at first, it quickly loses that quality along with its premium feel as you handle the headphones and watch fingerprints and scuff marks accumulate.

A smart move by Beats was to include a cleaning cloth in the box. Keep it close, because you’re going to need it.

On the outside of each earcup is a red Beats logo in a silver circle. The right side can be pressed to temporarily mute the headphones and there’s also a power switch below the logo.

The left cap is removable, giving you access to the battery compartment. Yes, these headphones are indeed battery-powered and are, in fact, unusable without them.

The headphones may feel a little tight the first time you slip them on, but they’ll wear-in in no time.

Along the bottom of the left cup, you’ll find the port for you to plug in your cable so that you can get to what it’s all about.

Beats by Dre Studio headphones
Beats by Dre Studio headphones


Beats makes a big deal about the bass on its offering, and that’s what much of this listening experience is about.

Bass is emphasised quite a lot on the Beats Studio headphones. While this can be a good thing, in this case it tends to overpower some other aspects and leads to an overall congested sound.

Over time, one also comes to realise that it’s not a powerful thumping bass, but more a muddy, constant drone, which becomes tiring and means that more subtle bass almost completely loses its effectiveness.

Soundstage is also impacted here. If we were literally talking about a stage, the Beats Studio headphones would be a small, tightly-packed room, rather than an epic opera house.

On the high-end, sounds tend to be on the warm side of things as well – which some will like, and others won’t. Thanks to the active noise cancellation, there is sometimes a noticeable hiss, which we’re sure no one will like.

Beats Studio headphones
Beats Studio headphones


The Beats Studio headphones are fairly comfortable and are designed to stand out from the crowd.

Unfortunately, the bass tends to drown out other sound, leading to a tiring listening experience. The fact that the Beats Studio headphones can’t work without batteries also doesn’t count in its favour.

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Beats Studio headphones review