The Thing Explainer – complicated stuff in simple words

XKCD creator Randall Munroe’s new book called The Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words, sets out to explain complicated issues using only drawings and simple words.

“The book is full of detailed diagrams of interesting objects, along with explanations of what all the parts are and how they work,” said Munroe.

The titles, labels, and descriptions are all written using only the thousand most common English words.

Some of the things which Munroe explains in his book are data centres, tectonic plates, airliner cockpit controls, and cells.

Despite not being released yet, the book has already hit number one on Amazon’s best-seller list in the “Science & Math” subcategory. It is due to be released in November.

The comic Up Goer Five, below – an annotated blueprint of the Saturn V rocket – is an example of what you will find in the new book.

Up Goer Five
Up Goer Five

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The Thing Explainer – complicated stuff in simple words