How different types of alcohol make you feel

A study has found that individuals associate different emotional responses with consuming different types of alcohol.

The study was based on an international survey of emotions associated with alcohol consumption.

Feeling positive emotions when drinking certain types of alcohol may be related to the promotion of positive experiences by advertising and the media, it stated.

Emotions experienced could also be related to when the alcohol is drunk, the levels of alcohol within each beverage, and the compounds found in drinks.

The study found that:

  • Spirits make people feel energised, confident, and sexy.
  • Red wine makes people feel more relaxed.
  • Beer makes people feel confident and relaxed.
  • White wine makes people feel energetic.
  • Spirits make people more aggressive than other types of alcohol.
  • The likelihood of feeling ill is higher with spirits.
  • Wine has the lowest likelihood of making people aggressive.
  • Red wine has a higher chance of making you feel tired.
  • Spirits have the highest likelihood of making you tearful.

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How different types of alcohol make you feel