Blue Origin successfully lands booster and crew capsule

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’s private space company, has successfully performed a landing of its New Shepard rocket booster and crew capsule.

The company conducted a spaceflight test on 18 July 2018, launching the rocket into space and cleanly separating the booster and crew capsule – before both began their return to Earth.

The New Shepard booster is designed to land similarly to SpaceX’s Falcon 9 reusable rocket, falling back down to Earth and using the last of its fuel to perform a powered landing at a landing zone.

Meanwhile, Blue Origin’s crew capsule coasted into space and safely re-entered the atmosphere before deploying parachutes to land.

The mission went according to plan, with both spacecraft landing safely at the end of the 11-minute mission.

While Blue Origin aims to carry humans in its crew capsules, a mannequin was used in this mission.

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Blue Origin successfully lands booster and crew capsule