SpaceX successfully lands all three Falcon Heavy boosters

SpaceX has successfully landed all three of its Falcon Heavy boosters back on Earth for the first time.

The two outer boosters touched back down at SpaceX’s landing pads near its launch site in Cape Canaveral, while the centre core landed on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

During its previous Falcon Heavy launch, SpaceX successfully returned the two outer cores to its landing pads after separation, but the centre booster missed its drone ship target and crashed into the ocean.

SpaceX launched its Falcon Heavy rocket yesterday, ferrying the Arabsat-6A satellite to geosynchronous orbit in its first commercial mission.

The company’s Falcon Heavy rocket can carry heavier payloads into orbit than the Falcon 9 while still maintaining a similar degree of re-usability by landing its boosters back on Earth.

This spacecraft has attracted business from both commercial clients and the US Air Force, which awarded SpaceX a $130-million launch contract.

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SpaceX successfully lands all three Falcon Heavy boosters