Game sends tin of Koo baked beans to the edge of space

Game has announced that it sent a tin of Koo baked beans to “space” using a weather balloon as part of its 2024 Leap Day celebrations.

The can was launched using a custom weather balloon from Game’s Potchefstroom store.

Game said it ensured the launch and trip were eco-friendly.

Once the tin reached a certain height, it returned to Earth, ensuring no damage and remnants were left behind.

The whole trip was filmed and monitored, and Game said it was meticulously planned to ensure safety was maintained at all times.

Game’s publicity stunt is similar to other food-based balloon launches conducted overseas.

YouTuber Tom Scott sent garlic bread into the stratosphere in 2018, achieving a height of around 28km before it came back to Earth.

After recovering the balloon’s payload, they then ate the garlic bread.

Game’s video of the launch shows that they achieved a height of 38km with the can of Koo baked beans.

This is impressive despite being well below the Kármán line.

The Kármán line is an arbitrary demarcation 100km above mean sea level that serves as the international standard for where space begins.

“Koo baked beans are unquestionably one of our customers’ most favourite products, across the country,” said Game external communications manager Michelle Kemp.

“The sales of essential groceries and pantry items continues to increase, as our shoppers focus on stocking their pantries, feeding their families and treating themselves in the most cost effective way possible.”

“This is what inspired us to use an essential product for this exciting activation.”

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Game sends tin of Koo baked beans to the edge of space