Large DDoS attacks often use SYN and UDP vectors

Akamai’s Q2 2015 State of the Internet Security Report is due soon, and the company has started releasing information regarding DDoS attacks during this period.

Akamai found that around half of all DDoS attacks it mitigated used two or more attack vectors.

One combination of vectors has appeared repeatedly in attacks greater than 100Gbps: the use of SYN and UDP vectors with extra data padding.

“An extremely large attack of SYN and UDP vectors was used again in Q2 2015 – this time with the addition of an ACK flood,” said Akamai.

The attack described here reached a peak of 245Gbps and a peak packet per second rate of 46Mpps (Million packets per second).

Akamai said that multi-vector SYN and UDP attacks continue to produce some of the largest bandwidth DDoS attacks.

“Regardless of how SYN and ACK are handled by a server or a firewall, these distributed attacks are likely to overwhelm the target network.”

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Large DDoS attacks often use SYN and UDP vectors