The new way criminals are card skimming at ATMs

NCR has issued a warning about network cable card skimming attacks on ATMs, where customers’ card data is stolen.

In a security update, NCR said it has received reports that NCR and Diebold ATMs are being attacked through the use of external skimming devices.

“These devices are plugged into the ATM network cables and intercept customer card data. Additional devices are attached to the ATM to capture the PIN,” said NCR.

NCR said that in one attack, a keyboard overlay was used to attack an ATM, while a concealed camera was used at a Diebold ATM.

“PIN data is then likely transmitted wirelessly to the skimming device.”

NCR said these attacks represent a trend where criminals are finding new methods to skim magnetic strip cards.

“These alternative methods avoid placing the skimmer on the ATM bezel, which is where most anti-skimming technology is located.”

NCR has a 42% ATM market share in South Africa, with over 12,000 ATMs across the country.

NCR told MyBroadband it is working with its customers to resolve any potential security issues.

The NCR security warning focused on attacks in the United States, and it does not seem to be prevalent in South Africa yet.

The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (Sabric) said that “according to our knowledge, this modus operandi has not been evident in South Africa”.

The infographic below shows an example of the skimmers.

Network Card Skimming Attacks

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The new way criminals are card skimming at ATMs