The secret SARS spy unit gear that anyone can buy

The “intelligence equipment” that Minister of Police Nkosinathi Nhleko linked to the secret spy unit of SARS is regular security gear, according to Rapport.

Nhleko presented the allegations in a recent SAPS press release, in which a SARS purchase order for the equipment was reproduced.

However, the head of the SARS spy unit, Johann van Loggerenberg, told Rapport that his National Research Group did not buy or use the equipment in question.

Rapport said it showed the list of 21 items and 3 security courses to experts in the security industry, who confirmed that companies and government institutions use them to protect against spying.

“The items on the list aren’t much of a smoking gun,” Michael Stirling from Intertel told Rapport.

Purchase order published by Minister of Police Nkosinathi Nhleko

The published purchase order and description of some of its contents are detailed below.

Order Date Equipment Description/Purpose Amount
4500107608 22.07.2009 NTS Countermeasure … deluxe countersurveillance probe monitor R55,886
4500107609 22.07.2009 NTS Countermeasure .. Linear junction detector R176,700
4500107610 22.07.2009 NTS Countermeasure equip … 5000 spectral correlator R222,300
4500107611 22.07.2009 NTS Countermeasure equip … telephone and line analyser R216,020
4500112548 26.10.2009 Basic course in electronic eavesdropping R49,590
4500114215 24.11.2009 NTS Countermeasure – DMC3 Detector of Mobile and wireless activity R8,265
4500114420 30.11.2009 Supply – VS-125 Wireless video camera detector R9,120
4500125532 26.17.2010 Advance course in electromnic detection R18,240
4500126567 19.08.2010 Basic course in electronic eavesdropping R36,480
4500146457 10.10.2011 Wolfhound Pro R28,500
4500150084 10.01.2012 X Sweeper Spectrum sweeper R18,634
4500150537 23.01.2012 TG-VCAL J56 Signal Jammer R5,928
4500150551 23.01.2012 CPM-700 deluxe countersurveillance probe monitor R35,520
4500150553 23.01.2012 ETA-3A single line telephone analyser R58,653
4500150937 30.01.2012 Signet Advanced counter surveillance RF detector R20,804
4500151377 07.02.2012 Signet Mobile GSM phone detector R20,805
4500152022 16.02.2012 FA Pinhole lenses R16,445
4500152134 17.02.2012 COSE120ST Zoom pinhole lenses R169,860
4500154640 30.03.2012 GSM module call mynah (consummables) R1,573
4500165358 10.12.2012 Cellular detector-surveillance countermeasure Winkelman GSM196 with SA918 R23,558
4500165535 14.12.2012 HAWK XTS – surveillance countermeasure equip R190,603
4500166611 31.01.2013 Oscor (Goen) spectrum analyser (8Ghz) R237,758
4500166657 01.02.2013 Mark II hand held receiver R22,539
4500184795 31.01.2014 Fluke aircheck wi-fi tester R40,346
Total R1,684,131

CPM–700 Deluxe Counter-surveillance Probe/Monitor

Source: Research Electronic International

The CPM–700 is a broadband receiver designed to detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices including room, phone, body bugs, video transmitters, and tape recorders.

CPM-700 Deluxe Counter-surveillance Probe Monitor

Orion 2.4 Non-Linear Junction Detector

Source: Research Electronic International

A Non-Linear Junction Detector detects the presence of electronics, regardless of whether the electronic target is radiating, hard wired, or turned off.

Oscor OSC–5000E Omni Spectral Correlator

Source: Research Electronic International

Oscor is an eavesdropping detection package that is portable and programmable.

Oscor OSC-5000E Omni Spectral Correlator

DMC3 Detector of Mobile and wireless activity


DMC–3 is designed for detection of mobile phone activity.


Wolfhound-PRO Cell Phone Detector

Source: Berkeley Varitronics Systems Wireless Detection

Wolfhound-PRO’s scanning receiver uses a multi-band DF (Direction Finding) antenna system, allowing users to locate nearby cellphones in either standby mode or during active voice, text, or data RF transmissions.


Winkelmann GSM196 with SA918


The GSM196 monitors the (E) GSM900, GSM1800, WCDMA/UMTS 2100 (3G) bands. It is designed to detect the presence of unauthorised mobile phones and then locate them.

Winkelmann GSM196

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The secret SARS spy unit gear that anyone can buy