Why you must put tape over your laptop camera: Security expert

Twitter user Chris Olson recently pointed out that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg places tape over his MacBook’s camera and microphone.

The tape placement, as shown in the images below, was called significant by those who believe social networks and applications monitor users’ actions through their PC cameras and microphones.

TechInsider spoke to Liam O’Murchu, Symantec Director of Security, about placing tape over a PC’s webcam – which he said is not just for people with paranoia.

“We do see cases where people will get onto your computer and activate your camera and will look at what you are doing,” said O’Murchu.

“We see that quite a lot actually.”

Not only laptop cameras

CCTV security cameras and baby monitors connected to a network were also at risk of being exploited.

“Hackers can break into those and can actually see the stream of video from inside your home,” he said.

O’Murchu said people who were concerned about being monitored via their laptop or PC camera should cover the device, and ensure their CCTV and baby monitor cameras are secure.

“For Mark Zuckerberg, obviously he has a lot more to lose than most people. So for him to be that level of paranoid is probably quite legitimate.”

O’Murchu said Zuckerberg is the type of person who will be targeted by hackers – more so than the average PC user.

He said there are also security weaknesses in certain camera devices or pieces of software which can allow large groups of users to be exploited simultaneously by hackers.

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Zuckerberg Laptop

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Why you must put tape over your laptop camera: Security expert