Ranscam ransomware takes your money and deletes your files

Talos Intelligence has reported it has seen a new ransomware called Ranscam that infects Windows computers.

Ranscam claims it has encrypted your files and holds them hostage until you pay a ransom in bitcoin.

It promises to provide you with the decryption key once you have paid.

However, Ranscam doesn’t encrypt your files – it deletes them and places a ransom note on your desktop.

Talos said the Ranscam campaign does not appear to be widespread and there have been no large-scale email spam campaigns.

“Ranscam further justifies the importance of ensuring that you have a sound, offline backup strategy in place rather than a sound ransom payout strategy,” said Talos.

Ranscam ransom note

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Ranscam ransomware takes your money and deletes your files