Hackers who did business with Lizard Squad arrested

Two 19 year-old men have been charged with running websites that offer hacking services for hire and for doing business with hacking groups like Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp, Ars Technica reported.

According to the report, US prosecutors charged Zachary Buchta of the US and Bradley Jan Willem van Rooy of the Netherlands with conspiring to cause damage to protected computers.

The charges are among the first US charges related to Lizard Squad, which made headlines for their denial-of-service attacks against Sony’s PlayStation Network and Facebook.

Federal officers caught onto Buchta and Van Rooy through phonebomber.net, a service which offered clients a way to buy a stream of harassing phone calls directed at numbers.

Police said the two also worked with members of Lizard Squad to operate websites that trafficked in stolen credit card numbers and offered hacking-for-hire services.

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Hackers who did business with Lizard Squad arrested