Do not use your name in your password

CBT Nuggets recently examined 50,000 emails and passwords that were leaked online, which showed that using your name in your passwords is a bad idea.

CBT Nuggets analysed passwords for root words and easy-to-guess elements, and the results showed numerous commonly-used words and names.

The leaked password data originated from the United States, which means that popular American names were used in numerous hacked passwords.

“The most common names of those hacked are also the most common names in America – with Mike/Michael, Chris/Christopher, John/Jonathan, and Dave/David leading the pack,” the company said.

Steering clear of using common words is the basis of a good password.

“In the 50,000 passwords we analysed, the most commonly-used words were love, star, girl, angel, rock, miss, hell, Mike, and John.”

“Hackers crack passwords by using commonly-used words, so we recommend steering clear of these popular terms, or even better, using nonsense words and letter-number combinations.”

Below are the most commonly-used words and names identified in the CBT Nuggets research.

Top 10 words used in hacked passwords

  1. Love
  2. Star
  3. Girl
  4. Angel
  5. Rock
  6. Miss
  7. Hell
  8. Mike
  9. John
  10. Baby

Top 10 names used in hacked passwords

  1. Michael or Mike
  2. Chris or Christopher
  3. John or Jonathan
  4. Dave or David
  5. Matt or Matthew
  6. Jen or Jennifer
  7. Jason
  8. Dan or Daniel
  9. Brian
  10. Joe or Joseph

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Do not use your name in your password