Expect many more 300Gbps DDoS attacks

Akamai has released its Q4 2016 State of the Internet Security Report, which shows a dramatic increase in the number of DDoS attacks greater than 100Gbps.

The report uses data gathered from the Akamai Intelligent Platform and provides an analysis of the cloud security and threat landscape.

“As we saw with the Mirai botnet attacks during the third quarter, unsecured Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices continued to drive significant DDoS attack traffic,” said Akamai.

With the predicted exponential proliferation of IoT devices, threat agents will have an expanding pool of resources to carry out attacks.

Highlights from Akamai’s Q4 2016 report relating to DDoS attacks included:

  • Attacks greater than 100Gbps increased 140% year-over-year from Q4 2015.
  • The largest DDoS attack in Q4 2016 peaked at 517Gbps and came from Spike – a non-IoT botnet.
  • Seven of the 12 Q4 2016 attacks greater than 100Gbps can be attributed to Mirai.
  • The number of IP addresses involved in DDoS attacks grew, despite DDoS attack totals dropping overall. The US sourced the most IP addresses participating in DDoS attacks – over 180,000.

12 DDoS attacks exceeded 100Gbps in Q4 2016

DDoS over 100Gbps

4 botnets generated 10 DDoS attacks exceeding 300Gbps from July 2014 – December 2016.

DDoS over 300Gbps

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Expect many more 300Gbps DDoS attacks