SA Post Office website security certificate problems

The South African Post Office’s website is struggling with a certificate problem, which is frustrating many users.

Web browsers – including Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera – are warning visitors that there is a problem with this website’s security certificate, and that they should not visit the site.

Those who ignore this warning and continue to the Post Office’s website are then warned that their connection to the site is not secure.

They are advised not to enter any sensitive information, like credit card details or passwords, as they are at risk of being stolen.

Post Office certificate problems

A Post Office spokesperson told MyBroadband that customers who receive error messages must clear their browser history and the error message will disappear.

“We have no certificate issues at this stage,” said the Post Office spokesperson.

However, MyBroadband tested the Post Office website in many browsers, and on different laptops, and the security warning occurred in all cases.

An online SSL Checker showed that the Post Office website certificate is valid, and that it expires in 856 days.

The checker, however, showed the certificate is not trusted by all browsers.

The Post Office previously said certain browsers fail to recognise the Post Office website’s security certificates as issued by a valid authority, resulting in a security warning.

The certificates are issued by the SA Post Office’s Trust Centre, which is accredited by the South African Accreditation Authority, in terms of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act.

At the time, the Post Office said it planned to fix the issue by ensuring the Trust Centre certificates are embedded in all major browsers and applications.

Whether the latest website certificate problem is related to this previous failure is unclear.

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SA Post Office website security certificate problems