Cloudflare Spectrum – DDoS protection for the rest of the Internet

Cloudflare has introduced Spectrum, a service that extends the distributed denial of service protection it provides for websites to the rest of the Internet.

“It’s DDoS protection for any box, container, or VM that connects to the Internet: whether it runs email, file transfer, or a custom protocol,” it said.

Spectrum benefits from Cloudflare’s existing DDoS mitigation, and fended off its first attack when it was opened for beta.

One of Spectrum’s earliest deployments was in front of Hypixel’s infrastructure.

“Hypixel runs the largest Minecraft server, and because gamers can be – uh, passionate – they were one of the earliest targets of the terabit-per-second Mirai botnet,” said Cloudflare.

According to Hyperpixel, Spectrum offers it continual protection without added latency.

“Another early team we talked to about Spectrum was the security team at Montecito Bank,” said Cloudflare.

“As a financial institution, they have a highly-technical and active security team. They were also one of the first customers to use Cloudflare’s DNSSEC when it was brand new.”

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Cloudflare Spectrum – DDoS protection for the rest of the Internet