Android smartphone makers and their security patches

Security researchers have released a study on Android smartphone manufacturers and security updates for their phones, The Verge reported.

Security Research Labs looked at 1,200 firmware updates from over a dozen manufacturers and found that Google, Samsung, and Sony had the best record of releasing the latest security patches.

An issue with the Android ecosystem is that it is sprawled across many devices and chipsets, often requiring manufacturers to test and integrate firmware updates and release dozens of patches for their devices every month.

Their ability to patch flaws may also be tied to chipset vendors releasing the latest fixes for their chips.

Security Research Labs stressed that exploiting Android handsets is still difficult, but as hackers become incentivised to target smartphones, ensuring devices are kept current with patches is important.

It also released a table summarising its findings.

“Few” samples means 5 to 9, “Many” is 10-49, and “Lots” is 50 or more.

Security Research Labs Android patch study

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Android smartphone makers and their security patches