What hackers took in the Liberty attack

Liberty Holdings CEO David Munro has stated that hackers who attacked its IT infrastructure have gained access to the company’s mailing service.

Munro stated that the data affected by the hack consisted largely of recent emails, according to a report by Fin24.

It is also limited to Liberty’s operations in South Africa.

Liberty was still investigating the hack and Munro said they are working with the authorities on the breach.

He added that no clients had suffered financial losses as a result of the attack, and the company’s policies and transactions remain in place.

“We will contact our customers if it occurs that they are affected individually,” said Munro.

Munro stated that the identity of the hackers was being investigated, and that an extortion attempt against the company was made.

“It’s fair to say an event like this is not something one can prepare for specifically,” said Munro.

“This occurred on Thursday evening. It took a couple of days before deciding we should inform customers and ensure that we can safely move into the public domain, as it is a complex matter.”


Liberty stated late on Saturday night that it had been hit by an IT systems breach.

The company posted a notice to its website which said it had suffered “unauthorised access to its IT infrastructure”.

“An external party claims to have seized data from us, has alerted us to potential vulnerabilities in our systems and has requested compensation for this,” stated Liberty.

According to a report in the Sunday Times on 17 June 2018, the hackers have demanded millions from Liberty.

The report stated the hackers have obtained “sensitive data” about “top clients”.

If Liberty does not pay the millions demanded by the hackers, they will start releasing the information they have to the public, stated the report.

The report further stated that “Liberty IT personnel are running around like headless chickens” in their attempts to figure out how much data is at risk and how they were hacked.

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What hackers took in the Liberty attack