Thieves hack and steal a Tesla Model S – Watch

A Tesla owner has recorded thieves stealing his Tesla Model S in the UK, after they hacked the passive entry system of the vehicle.

The thieves used a tablet to open the door by using the data captured from the passive signal from the owner’s key fob.

Despite accessing the car easily enough, the two men struggled to detach the charging cable before making off with the car.

Tesla has recently implemented features to deter theft by passive entry; however, the owner admitted he did not enable the features, Engadget reported.

First, he left passive entry enabled, which unlocks the car when you approach it with the fob.

Second, the owner did not enable the “PIN to drive” feature, which requires the input of an extra PIN before you can drive the car.

The video that the owner captured of the theft is embedded below.

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Thieves hack and steal a Tesla Model S – Watch