New AI system at borders will decide whether to let people through

A program called iBorderCtrl – an AI lie detection system – is to begin trials at EU border patrol checkpoints soon.

The program will run for six months at four border crossing points in Hungary, Latvia, and Greece with countries outside the European Union, Gizmodo reports.

iBorderCtrl uses AI to facilitate faster border crossings for travellers by having users fill out an online application and upload some documents, such as their passport, before a virtual border guard takes over to ask some questions.

Travellers answer while facing a webcam, letting the system analyse and rate dozens of micro-gestures. When iBorderCtrl determines the traveller is being truthful, they receive a QR code that will let them pass the border.

If the AI suspects the traveller is lying, they will have biometric information taken and will be passed on to a human agent who will then review their information and make a decision.

The program is still considered highly experimental, and early testing of a previous iteration only had a 76% success rate. A member of the iBorderCtrl team, however, told New Scientist that they confident the rate can be raised to 85%.

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New AI system at borders will decide whether to let people through