Fake Lightning cable can take control of your computer

Security researcher Mike Grover has developed a prototype of a fake Lightning charger that can hijack a computer simply by being plugged in, Motherboard reports.

The malicious charger, which Grover showcased at the DefCon cybersecurity convention last week, can give an attacker full control over a Linux, Mac, or Windows system.

“It looks like a legitimate cable and works just like one. Not even your computer will notice a difference. Until I, as an attacker, wirelessly take control of the cable,” Grover said.

The cable is detected as an input device, which allows the hacker to use devices such as a keyboard and a mouse to do whatever they please to the victim’s system remotely.

Grover said that the device can be used for malicious activities such as downloading malware and reconfiguring the entire system.

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Fake Lightning cable can take control of your computer