Spike in violent house robberies in Joburg due to security weakness

Security company Fidelity ADT has advised its customers to regularly change their digipad access codes after a spike in violent house robberies in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

A recent Carte Blanche report revealed that a gang of gun-wielding criminals are targeting homes and making off with high-value items.

The robbers are aggressive and often assault residents as part of the robbery. According to victims, they are professional criminals who do not fear the law.

What makes these robberies unique is that the criminals gain access to the properties without forced entry.

CCTV footage shows how these criminals seem to have access to security codes for these houses and are able to enter the properties using these security codes.

What the robberies had in common

According to eBlockWatch’s Andre Snyman, all the victims have the same question – How did the criminals get in?

These robberies have a few things in common: they are all in Bryanston, there are no signs of forced entry, they all had recent false alarms recently, and they are all Fidelity ADT Security clients.

Private investigator Rob Bygrave said this spate of robberies is organised and that they have proof that the criminals gained access to properties using private security codes.

He said criminals are targeting specific residences, which is a clear indication that they have inside information.

With a security company potentially being the weakest link in these cases, this gives criminals the upper hand.

Fidelity Security CEO responds

Fidelity Security Services CEO Wahl Bartmann said they have launched a full investigation into the matter.

This investigation includes polygraph testing of employees who had accessed the profiles of affected customers as well as employees who may have attended at these properties.

“If this is a leak on our side [Fidelity ADT], we need to find out exactly where it is,” Bartmann said.

Last week, Fidelity ADT advised clients to regularly change their digipad access codes, especially after a response to their properties.

Some clients, however, felt that this response came too late. Bartmann admitted that they should have responded by stating how they could have done things better.

He added that they have learned from this and that they will apply this knowledge to improve in future.

Fidelity ADT Response

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Spike in violent house robberies in Joburg due to security weakness