Liberty hack still under investigation 2 years later

A ransomware attack on Liberty’s IT systems which occurred almost two years ago is still being investigated.

Back in June 2018, the company revealed that an external party had gained unauthorised access to its systems.

The hackers notified Liberty of potential vulnerabilities in its cybersecurity and reportedly attempted to extort millions in compensation in exchange for “sensitive data” about “top clients”.

In a Pastebin post that followed the announcement, a group claiming to be behind the attack said it had obtained 40TB of data, including customer and financial data.

The attackers said they had full backups of Liberty’s directors’ emails and “more interesting data”.

The group threatened to release this information in parts. However, nothing came of the warnings.

Liberty said that the hackers had only managed to access the company’s mailing service, in particular recent emails.

At the time, it said that no financial losses had been incurred by clients as a result of the breach.

Update on progress

In response to a query from MyBroadband, Liberty Executive for Information Technology Benjamin Marais said that the hack was still under investigation.

“Liberty can confirm that the matter of the illegal and unauthorised access to its IT infrastructure by an external party in June 2018 is still subject to an ongoing criminal investigation,” Marais stated. 

Marais said the company was working with the relevant authorities for progress updates on the state of the investigation.

He reiterated that the impact to customers had been minimal.

“We can further confirm that there have been no reports of any customer who has suffered any financial loss as a result of this incident.”

Marais said Liberty has taken the necessary steps to ensure its IT security is up to scratch and remains so going forward.

“We are confident that we have dealt with this matter sufficiently and effectively from an IT security perspective. Liberty continues to focus on and invest in our cybersecurity posture to ensure that we provide our clients with peace of mind.”

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Liberty hack still under investigation 2 years later