South African criminals are stealing the security beams meant to keep them out

There has been a spike in criminals stealing perimeter detection beams, which are there to keep them out, and then selling them on the black market.

This is according to feedback from Monitor Net spokesperson JP Le Roux. Monitor Net is a security company which offers a wide range of crime-fighting services.

Le Roux told the Centurion Record that security beams which are easily accessible and visible from the street are typically targeted.

The modus operandi is simple: A criminal jumps over a wall, rip the beams off the wall, and flees with his loot.

Le Roux said a big problem is that these crimes are not reported to the police, which makes it challenging to catch and prosecute the criminals.

He said the criminals work for syndicates which are selling the stolen security beams on the black market.

Widespread problem

The spike in perimeter detection beam theft which Le Roux was referring to occurred in Centurion, but it is also taking place in other regions.

In August 2018, Yusuf Abramjee said alarm beams are being stolen at an increasing rate. “In Lenasia alone, six cases were reported this week,” he said.

In August 2019, the SA police arrested a criminal who was in possession of stolen beams in Birchleigh on the East Rand.

Gerald Groenewald from Sec Pros, who helped with the arrest, said an alarm belonging to a client went off after their beams had been stolen.

“Reaction officer Marco Taljaard spotted the suspect, stopped and searched him. He found the stolen beam in a bag he was carrying,” said Groenewald.

The video below shows a criminal stealing perimeter detection beams in Birchleigh on the East Rand.

Alarm beam theft in Lenasia

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South African criminals are stealing the security beams meant to keep them out