The R999 home security device built to beat load-shedding

Olarm has launched its latest smart alarm device, the Olarm Pro.

The Olarm Pro is an add-on system for your existing house alarm that greatly improves the functionality and reliability of your security system.

The device transforms an existing alarm and makes it smart, with only a simple and affordable installation required.

It sends alarm triggers and panic signals to your armed response service directly and replaces outdated VHF radio and telephone lines with modern connectivity solutions.

“It’s great to have the peace of mind, that when you are away, you know exactly what is going on and you can remotely manage your alarm system,” said Olarm CTO Justin Zondagh.

How it works

In addition to standard alarm features such as arm, disarm, bypass, and the instant push notifications of alarm activations, Olarm offers a bouquet of advanced services.

From within the Olarm app, you can monitor the status of your alarm and cancel your armed response callout or trigger your panic button.

The Olarm Pro also delivers detailed zone and power status information, which is especially useful during load-shedding.

The new device is a significant upgrade on the existing Olarm Communicator, offering Wi-Fi and Dual GSM connectivity.

“Standout features include an excellent, reliable mobile app and industry-leading simultaneous multipath signal routing that ensures high reliability, even during load-shedding and mobile network outages,” Olarm said.

Built to withstand load-shedding

The Olarm Pro is particularly effective in combatting false signals and other issues caused by load-shedding.

“Load-shedding floods armed responses with false signals and reduces armed response effectiveness,” Olarm said.

“Olarm keeps your alarm system online by using multiple network types and reroutes around network failures during load-shedding.”

During power outages, Olarm Pro reroutes communication with armed response and the Olarm mobile app via available alternative networks.

“It also uses your alarm system’s battery to stay online, reducing the number of batteries needed,” the company said.

The Olarm Pro is currently compatible with Paradox, IDS, DSC, and Texecom alarms and has a recommended retail price of R999 excluding installation.

The device is available from over 350+ armed response companies, as well as installers and equipment suppliers countrywide.

More information on the Olarm Pro smart alarm system is available on the company’s website.

Olarm app

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The R999 home security device built to beat load-shedding