Amazon delivery van camera videos leaking online

Videos from within Amazon delivery vans are leaking online, with several examples of such a video shared on the Reddit page r/AmazonDSPDrivers.

Amazon’s in-van artificial intelligence AI cameras track driver movements and surround them in a green box while recording audio.

One such video shared on Reddit is a recording taken off a computer monitor using a smartphone, and according to Vice, the desk set-up appears to be consistent with Amazon delivery service partners (DSPs).

DSPs usually operate from Amazon warehouses, working from a desk like the one in the video. They select routes, dispatch drivers, and monitor their actions on the roads.

The video starts with the driver opening their door and being greeted by a French bulldog that leaps onto their lap.

“You seeing this, Joey?” someone says off-camera. “Little visitor.”

“Is that a dog?” Joey responds.

“Yeah, just jumped right in,” the first voice says.

Many videos posted on Reddit aren’t being shared by the videos’ subjects themselves.

The videos illustrate that Amazon’s delivery drivers are monitored at all times.

Some Reddit users voiced their concerns over the constant monitoring.

“They already have enough surveillance devices on us. With a camera it’s just over-supervising, and invasive use of technology,” one user wrote.

“They tested us for 35 days on our ability to drive their vehicle, perform and qualify for our job. They can trust us without a camera in our faces.”

It would be interesting to see what the sentiment towards this technology would be in a market like South Africa, where criminals frequently target delivery vans and drivers.

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Amazon delivery van camera videos leaking online