Bad online passwords: are you guilty?

New information released by Kaspersky Lab shows that many Internet users make themselves vulnerable to attacks through weak passwords and poor password management.

Online life is increasing, and services such as social networks, e-mail and online banking require a username and password.

Using easy-to-remember passwords, which include regularly used passwords (like 123456 or password) and easily guessed passwords (like your middle name or pet’s name), create significant security weaknesses.

However, to memorize strong multiple alphanumeric combinations is challenging, which means that many people use the same password for different services. This is, in short, a very bad idea.

The main issue with one password, even it is a strong password, is that if you somehow lose it, cybercriminals can steal everything from your online life almost instantly.

Kaspersky Labs suggest that Internet citizens use a new password for every online service, using only strong passwords and memorize passwords or use a secure program to store them.

The following infographic summarizes the findings from Kaspersky Labs.

Online password infographic
Online password infographic from Kaspersky Lab

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Bad online passwords: are you guilty?