Watch out before using your phone while driving

The National Transportation Safety Board has released its 2015 Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements, which shows that “electronically distracted drivers” are a major problem.

“It’s really coming to a point that data from mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, should be collected from just about any accident scene,” said private investigator Rick Crouch.

“We’ve seen a spike in requests from accident attorneys to collect data from mobile devices to help determine what role electronic devices had in the accidents they are investigating.”

Crouch said they offer a mobile device analysis service, which is designed to collect data from a device. The “Quick Analysis” is as follows:

  • The suspect device is received, and logged.
  • A chain-of-custody log is created.
  • The suspect device is forensically duplicated.
  • The original evidence is stored.
  • Certified analysts search the mobile device for recoverable data.
  • All recoverable data is extracted and provided to the client.
  • An analyst forwards the results to the client.
  • The results will help identify the presence of any evidence or indicators to help the client determine if a more thorough analysis is warranted.

“Once we’ve done the Quick Analysis, all of the data will be preserved in the same state it was on the day we received it, and can then be used in multiple ways at any time afterwards.”

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Watch out before using your phone while driving