First iPhone 6s Plus bend test looks good for Apple

Australian online show FoneFox has conducted a bend test on the new iPhone 6s Plus, and the results look positive.

Apple’s first large-screened smartphone, the iPhone 6 Plus, was mired in controversy after its launch in 2014 when buyers reported that the phone was bending in their pockets.

This spawned a whole genre of tests and resulting YouTube videos which would punish smartphones by seeing how much pressure could be applied to its case before it bent.

Some testers also showed that they were able to bend devices with their bare hands.

The new iPhone design seems to have dealt with this issue by using stronger “7000 series aluminium” for the shell.

Apple has also slightly increased the width of both the iPhone 6s (0.3mm thicker) and iPhone 6s Plus (0.2mm thicker) compared to their predecessors.

FoneFox’s bend test is embedded below, showing that one person could not bend the iPhone 6s Plus with their bare hands. They were able to bend the device with two sets of hands, however.

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First iPhone 6s Plus bend test looks good for Apple