Samsung Bixby voice assistant launches in US English

Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant for its Galaxy S8 series of smartphones is now available in US English in the United States and Korea.

News of the launch follows reports that Samsung didn’t have the requisite “big data” to train the English version of its voice assistant.

Like Siri and Cortana, Bixby responds to voice commands and lets users access various functions of their smartphone without navigating menus.

Bixby will also be able to understand contextual and conversational commands, meaning it will remember the context of your conversation and allow you to make further commands without reiterating which functionality to use.

At launch, Bixby will be fully integrated across core Samsung apps.

“Almost anything you could do with touch or typing, you can now do with your voice, including multi-step, and cross-app requests,” Samsung said.

Support for additional native and third-party apps will be available via Bixby Labs, which includes select applications that are offering preliminary integration with Bixby.

Bixby is activated by pushing the dedicated Bixby hardware button on the side of Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones, or by saying “Hi Bixby.”

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ users in the United States can start using Bixby’s voice service immediately by updating the application to the latest version.

It is currently available in Korean and U.S. English in South Korea and the United States on the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Samsung said it will continuously expand its Bixby service with additional languages and devices in the near future.

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Samsung Bixby voice assistant launches in US English