Meet BitVault – The smartphone for crypto fans

Irish company Embedded Downloads will ship the world’s first crypto-communicator in November 2017.

The BitVault smartphone was unveiled earlier this year, with prototypes displayed at London Fintech week in June.

BitVault looks like a standard Android smartphone, but runs a modified version of the operating system which routes all data through secure blockchains.

Each device is linked to a user’s private key and locked with an iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, NFC authentication, and PIN code.

The BitVault smartphone will allow for a new level of encrypted communication, file transfers, and wealth management, said its makers.

Embedded Downloads specialises in secure hardware and IoT software, and the company has partnered with VVDN in India to manufacture the smartphone.

BitVault front


Specific features and specifications for the device are not yet confirmed, including screen resolution and battery size.

BitVault’s major features are its multiple security options, including support for iris scanning, and its blockchain functionality.

The published specifications for the BitVault smartphone are below.

Display 5.5-inch Touch
CPU 64-bit Octa-core 2.0GHz
Storage 64GB
Connectivity LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Camera 13MP Rear, 8MP Front
Security Fingerprint, Iris scanner, removable security key, 3IMS

BitVault back

Blockchain features

BitVault’s similarities to a standard smartphone end at its specifications, and it is constructed to function as a secure blockchain-connected device.

The smartphone promises to be a potentially game-changing handset for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but standard Android applications are incompatible with the BitVault smartphone as a result.

However, the device has its own App Store which is open to all developers interested in creating applications for the device.

Embedded Downloads said the key features of the Bitvault smartphone are:

  • Dynamic private key confirmation  Biometric and NFC identification to create new user-specific private and public keys when the device is used.
  • Secure calling – Cryptocurrency transactions and multi-layer encryption is used to enable public-key-to-public-key voice calling.
  • Secure messaging  Multi-layer encrypted messaging.
  • Secure file transfer – Encrypted and secure file transfers over private blockchains.
  • Secure Browsing  Blockchain verifies website security and protects users from dangerous web pages.
  • Cryptocurrency wallets  BitVault includes native cryptocurrency wallets, supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash.

BitVault FinTech Week

Getting BitVault

The BitVault smartphone can be pre-ordered from the official product page for €949.

Embedded Downloads said the device is shipped worldwide with door-to-door secure couriers.

South African retailer BitMart also lists the device for sale on its website for a price of R22,999.

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Meet BitVault – The smartphone for crypto fans