I bought an iPhone X today

The Apple iPhone X launched in South Africa today, and I bought one.

Vodacom World in Midrand was my port of call, as it would surely have the most stock in South Africa – and I had not pre-ordered the device.

I was not the only one who had this thought, as Vodacom World was packed with hundreds of customers looking to get an iPhone X and take advantage of concurrent Black Friday sales.

Fortunately, the staff at Vodacom World and its stores were amazing, and helped me out with a data-centric contract and a 256GB Space Grey iPhone X – pictured below.

The iPhone X looks and feels amazing, with its glass and metal design luxurious and sturdy.

I had an iPhone 6s previously, and the new device is not much bigger overall.

Its screen, however, takes up almost the entire front of the device, so the iPhone X looks a lot larger while not taking up much more space.

The touch display is responsive and crisp, and the visuals are clean – it really looks impressive.

I also set up the device’s facial recognition, and it worked as advertised.

Attempts to trick the device by my colleagues were unsuccessful, while my facial recognition unlocks were quick and worked everytime.

iPhone X header

I have not spent much time with the iPhone X (WhatsApp is the only app set up so far), but foresee many happy years with my new device.

Its good looks, great feel, and Apple’s combination of hardware and software is set to make the Apple iPhone X a goodie.

This is an opinion piece and I am a longtime Apple iPhone owner, but even Android users have commented that this must be the best-looking smartphone on the market right now.

I tend to agree with them.

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I bought an iPhone X today