How to make your smartphone battery last longer

If you want to make your smartphone battery last longer, don’t let it drain past 50%.

This is according to Samsung South Africa, which has provided advice on keeping your devices’ batteries healthy.

“If you aren’t aware of how best to care for and manage your battery, it could die on you when you need it most,” said Samsung.

“Avoid this nightmare scenario with these three quick tips to maintaining your battery’s health.”

Keep charged above 50%

Keep your device’s battery above 50%.

One full drain a month is allowed for calibration purposes, but anything more than this will shorten your battery’s lifespan,” said Samsung.

“Technically, you should not be charging your phone for extended spans of time – so overnight phone charging is a big no.”

“Avoid charging it to 100% and then leaving it connected to a charger.”

It advised keeping your phone charged between 40%-80% at all times.

Do not leave in spaces of high heat

This includes leaving your phone in the sun or next to the stove, said Samsung.

“Once consistently in higher temperatures, you risk losing anything from 20%-35% per year.”

Plug it into a wall

“The best method to charge a smartphone is by hooking it into a wall using its original charger.”

This is as opposed to connecting it to your computer or a car’s USB adapter, said Samsung.

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How to make your smartphone battery last longer