The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best smartphone I have ever used

Samsung recently launched its new flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

Both devices boast improved specifications, additional screen space, and overhauled camera systems compared to the previous generation.

Samsung kindly provided MyBroadband with a Galaxy S9 smartphone following its global launch, and I have been using it for just over a week.

As a fan of high-end Android devices, the Galaxy S9 quickly rose to the rank of “my favourite smartphone to date”, thanks to its sleek design and arsenal of cool features.


Moving from older Android devices with standard smartphone displays to the Galaxy S9 is an eye-opening change, and I would struggle to return to older devices with their relatively low screen-to-body ratios.

The Galaxy S9’s InfinityEdge display encompasses almost the entire front of the smartphone, wrapping around the sides of the device and leaving only tiny bezels at the top and bottom of the smartphone’s face.

The haptic feedback provided by the on-screen Android navigation buttons also makes it easy to use without compromising on screen real estate.

The Galaxy S9’s display really stands out when watching video, and its high-quality QHD+ OLED panel paired with its wide aspect ratio have made watching Netflix on mobile a superior experience.

Moving the fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone to below the camera was another great decision, as it is now far easier to reach and does not result in accidentally touching the camera lens.

The Galaxy S9 also presented me with some firsts, and it is the first device I have used with an IP Rating of IP68.

This means it can handle being submerged in water up to 1.5m deep for 30 minutes.

Galaxy S9

Standout features

My Samsung Galaxy S9 arrived with Android 8.0 installed, which is great for Android users who want to keep up with the latest versions of the operating system.

Samsung’s operating system skin also adds some useful features which are designed specifically for the Galaxy S9 – such as its customisable Edge menu, accessible with a quick swipe from the side of the curved display.

With an Exynos 9810 CPU and 4GB of memory, the Galaxy S9 is lighting-fast and allows for easy multi-tasking with several applications open.

The most impressive feature of the Galaxy S9, however, is its camera, which is the first dual-aperture camera embedded in a smartphone.

Flipping between F1.5 and F2.4 modes can either be done automatically in the Auto shooting mode, or manually when using Pro mode in the camera app.

Just by using the Auto shooting mode, the pictures I took with the Samsung Galaxy S9 were clear across a range of lighting conditions – from bright outdoor shots to low-light night pictures.

The camera can also record 720p video at a staggering 960 frames per second, which lets you turn 0.2 seconds of video into a six-second slow-motion clip.

This shooting mode uses a helpful motion sensor field, which automatically records in slow motion when it detects movement in a specific area.

Playing around with the slow-motion video capture and excellent camera features is a great experience, and together with the device’s powerful performance and attractive design, makes the Samsung Galaxy S9 the best smartphone I have ever used.

The device’s attractive and ergonomic design also make it a pleasure to use.

One week in, and I can safely say the Galaxy S9 is the best smartphone I have ever used.

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best smartphone I have ever used