The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a genius

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 smartphone was recently launched in South Africa, offering cutting-edge features across an attractive range of models.

Whether you opt to purchase the great-value Galaxy S10e, the flagship Galaxy S10, or the larger Galaxy S10+, you will have access to the same powerful processor and intelligent features.

Apart from its attractive design, impressive display, and raw performance capabilities, the Galaxy S10 offers new intelligent features which make using your device easier.

The new smartphones learn how you use them and adapt their systems to improve efficiency and cater to your daily habits.

This intelligent experience is delivered by complex and powerful AI interactions in the background which are constantly working to adapt to best suit your needs.

One of the most impressive ways the Galaxy S10 does this is by recognising which apps and functions you access regularly, and pre-loads them so that they launch instantly at predicted times.

This functionality is delivered through the device’s Intelligent Performance Enhancer, which can dramatically improve the responsiveness and performance of the handset.

Bixby Galaxy Buds S10


Another intelligent feature is Bixby: Samsung’s built-in digital assistant which accessible via the dedicated Bixby button or voice commands.

It is able to interact with a variety of apps and functions to complete tasks quickly and easily.

This intelligence also runs with features like Bixby Routines and Bixby Vision, delivering powerful optimisations and utility to your device.

Bixby Routines is available on all Galaxy S10 devices and can be used to automatically change your device settings based on your daily activities.

When enabled and accustomed to your lifestyle, Bixby will automatically turn on Night Mode before you go to sleep or keep your device unlocked and play music when you get into your car.

Bixby Routines can even automatically turn off unnecessary functions to help save battery life if you fall asleep without remembering to charge your device.

The Bixby Vision feature can automatically read text through the camera and translate the information into English in real-time – including text in a foreign language.

In addition to all of these features, Bixby functions as a powerful voice assistant which is compatible with Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds.

Bixby Vision Galaxy S10

Photos and Software

The processor inside the Galaxy S10 smartphones includes a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) used to compute AI workloads.

This hardware enables powerful functions such as Scene Optimizer and object recognition.

Your Galaxy S10 smartphone can automatically recognise scenes and objects when the camera is opened and adjust photo settings dynamically, based on your chosen subject.

This allows you capture professional-looking photos of everything from beaches and books to food and documents.

The device also intelligently pulls from a library of over 100 million high-quality photos to recommend easy ways to improve your shots and compose better snaps.

Like the previous-generation flagship, Samsung has included an AR Emoji function in the Galaxy S10 line-up – but this time the tool tracks both your facial and body movements to deliver a more lifelike experience.

The intelligence powering these smartphones allows seamless interaction between the hardware and software suite on the Galaxy S10, further enhancing user-favourites like the Knox security environment and Samsung Pay payment gateway.

Knox ensures your smartphone and the data it contains remains secure at all times, while Samsung Pay lets Galaxy S10 users pay using their phone at almost every payment terminal in South Africa.

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a genius