The next Galaxy Fold will fold twice – Report

Korean website The Bell has published a leak claiming that Samsung is working on two new foldable smartphone designs which will be able to fold twice.

According to the leak, the two new designs are called the G-type and the S-type, both of which are rumoured to be larger than the current 7.3-inch Galaxy Fold when completely unfolded.

The 8-inch G-type is reportedly similar to the Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone design, with two outer screens folding towards each other.

The S-type, which is expected to be as large as 13 inches, folds more traditionally into thirds with one of the outer displays folding under the central display while the second folds over it.

These leaked new designs come after Samsung’s first foldable smartphone offering, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, had its launch delayed due to various review units suffering display-related issues.

The Galaxy Fold, which is set to retail for $1,980, has suffered issues such as screen flickering and the display physically breaking.

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The next Galaxy Fold will fold twice – Report