iFixit teardown reveals the Galaxy Fold’s biggest problem

iFixit has published its teardown of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold smartphone, revealing a potential problem with the device’s hinge design.

According to the report, Samsung focused greatly on ensuring the design of its hinge would be sturdy and reliable, but it does not have enough protection to prevent debris from affecting the display.

The OLED display is incredibly sensitive to debris as it is not protected by Gorilla Glass, the standard protection offered on traditional, non-folding smartphones.

iFixit also said it was concerned the light adhesive holding the interior bezel lip to the display may be prone to peeling off over time.

A number of reviewers damaged their Galaxy Fold devices by mistaking the top layer of the flexible display for a screen protector and trying to peel it off.

This could have been avoided by extending the protective layer under the bezels of the device, iFixit said.

“The mechanics involved in the fold are likely to wear over time, causing stress to hinges and display, necessitating eventual replacement,” iFixit stated.

“The lack of protection and fragility of the main display mean you’ll almost certainly be replacing the screen before long.”

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iFixit teardown reveals the Galaxy Fold’s biggest problem