Stop – Don’t buy that new smartphone just yet

If you were planning on buying a new smartphone, you might want to wait until later this year.

Almost all the major smartphone manufacturers who distribute devices to South Africa, including Samsung, Apple, and Huawei, are scheduled to launch new devices over the next few months.

This means that if you buy a new flagship device now, its cutting-edge features may quickly be outdated by a smartphone which launches in a matter of weeks.

At the very least, you should wait until these new devices are released before you decide to buy a phone that is currently available, as you may be able to take advantage of reduced prices.


Apple fans in particular should be cautious about buying a new iPhone before the expected launch of new iPhone devices later this year.

These new devices could include powerful new features, heavily-upgraded hardware, and even new technology such as 5G connectivity.

Buyers looking to save could also be better served by waiting to see if an improved version of the iPhone Xr is released, offering a greater value proposition.

If this is not the case, the existing range of iPhones is expected to see hefty discounts shortly after the launch of the new devices.

This will make the existing iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr devices more affordable to South Africans compared to only a few months earlier.

Apple’s new range of iPhones is expected to launch in September 2019.

Flagship Android smartphones

Popular Android smartphones in South Africa are built by a variety of manufacturers, with the most significant being Samsung and Huawei.

Both of these companies deliver premium products across various price ranges, and each company has recently launched its own impressive mid-range offering,

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy A Series and Huawei Y9 Prime 2019, it is not a bad idea to buy a mid-range smartphone in South Africa right now, but those looking for premium products should be a little more patient.

Samsung and Huawei will launch new top-of-the-range smartphones in August and September respectively, and these may include new technology which is not available on their current flagships.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is expected to be available in more than one model and will boast high-end performance along with a slightly different design to the Galaxy S10 lineup.

Huawei is also expected to launch its Mate 30 Pro, which usually boasts a number of powerful new features and a cutting-edge camera system built in partnership with Leica.

Even if neither of these rumoured devices end up being to your taste, you could still benefit from price drops on existing hardware like the Galaxy S10+ or P30 Pro if you are willing to be patient.

Unless you are buying a budget or mid-range smartphone which was released in the last few months, you should wait before caving in and buying a new Android flagship.

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Stop – Don’t buy that new smartphone just yet