Please be careful with our foldable phone – Samsung

Samsung released a video last Thursday which advised owners how to take care of its revamped Galaxy Fold smartphone.

In the video, titled “Caring for your Galaxy Fold”, Samsung states that the Fold smartphone “deserves care like no other” and recommends using a light touch on the display, keeping the device away from dust and water, and to be wary of items that may be affected by its magnetic clamping mechanism.

This comes after the company delayed the public launch of the $1,980 Fold after multiple issues were discovered with early review units of the first version of the device.

Some reviewers had tried to peel off the protective top layer of the display, mistaking it for a removable plastic screen film.

The problems were not limited to human error, however, as dust and particles also easily slipped into the hinge and underneath the inside of the display.

Samsung went back to the drawing board to fix the problems and, after several tweaks, officially released the Galaxy Fold in South Korea on 6 September 2019 and the UK on 18 September. The US release is slated for 27 September.

The changes included tucking the top layer of the screen under the bezel so as to not appear removable and adding small plastic protection caps at the top and bottom of the hinge that help to prevent damaging material from getting into the display.

More problems detected

The Fold still seems to be quite fragile, however, as YouTuber JerryRigEverything points out. He tested the updated Fold’s durability and found that some problems still remain.

A big issue seems to be the soft display, which can be scratched easily. The assessment also shows how quickly debris like dust or small rocks can get into the hinge and the gears of the spine.

Samsung does offer a Galaxy Fold Premier Service, which provides Fold users with 24/7 direct access to Samsung’s experts for guidance and support.

Local availability for the Galaxy Fold has not been announced.

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Please be careful with our foldable phone – Samsung