I bought an iPhone 11 Pro – Here’s what you need to know

I bought an Apple iPhone 11 Pro today, the day it launched in South Africa.

Why? I am an Apple fanboy, mindless sheep, bla bla bla – whatever terms people who do not appreciate Apple’s solid craftsmanship and good software use.

And when I say “bought”, I mean upgraded my contract – because I was not keen on parting with R25,999 upfront.

My iPhone is a 256GB Space Grey model, and it replaces the iPhone X I purchased on contract two year ago.

This is what you need to know about the upgrade.

Contract upgrade

I went to my local cellphone store which is run by one of the two big mobile network operators for the contract upgrade.

It was almost 17:00 and the consultant looked a bit tired. I asked him if they were busy today.

They were he said: everyone wanted a new iPhone.

My upgrade was quick and easy. Too quick and easy, in fact.

The only information I was asked for was my cellphone number. With that, they pulled every bit of information they needed to upgrade the contract.

At no point was an SMS sent or phone call made to my cellphone number to confirm I was in possession of said number. I also did not receive a message informing me I had upgraded.

The only message I received was an email with no subject line, which said there was a quote on the system for me.

They did request a copy of my ID, but did not ask my name – and I am not sure that the consultant ever looked at the identity document.

The contracts for the iPhone 11 Pro are not cheap, and the most affordable 24-month option for a 256GB model is R1,200 per month.

iPhone X vs 11 Pro

Below are two photos of an iPhone 11 Pro (left) next to an iPhone X.

The photos were taken with an iPhone 6 and edited on a MacBook Pro.

I own Apple shares and I watch Steve Jobs interviews weekly.

If you are looking for an objective review from here, you have come to the wrong place.

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro

Very similar

On the front, the iPhone X and 11 Pro look almost identical. It is on the rear, and when you hold the devices, that you see and feel the difference.

The 11 Pro has a matte, almost-frosted glass back which feels smooth. There is also the matter of the enormous triple-camera system on the rear.

The lenses are almost flush against the back of the phone, and protrude less than the dual-lens system on the X.

Another major difference is that the iPhone 11 has dropped 3D Touch in favour of Haptic Touch, which makes it quicker and easier to pull up actions when using an app.

I have not tested the new camera as yet, but opening the Camera app on the 11 Pro introduced symbols, timers, and options I have not seen before – all promising the best features and shots.

Keep a look out for the “I took photos with an iPhone 11 Pro – Here’s what you need to know” article, coming soon.

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro

Setting up and iOS 13

Setting up the new iPhone was a breeze.

After turning it on, it gives you an option to take your old iPhone and hold it next to your new device.

It then recognises the phone and allows you to transfer all your apps, data, settings, passwords, and more to your new iPhone – providing you can unlock the old device and enter its passcode into the new iPhone.

This took 5-10 minutes, and after this I was required to set-up Face ID, Siri, and the location and privacy settings on the new phone.

The new iPhone also comes with iOS 13, which introduces a dark mode – pictured below – and a whole lot of new apps as standard.

These apps included iMovies and Clips, aimed at enhancing the new camera experience.

What’s in the box

After asking the consultant at the cellphone store what free stuff I would get with the iPhone, and being told “nothing”, I was happy to see the accessories in the box.

The normal Lightning headphones and Apple stickers are included, but the surprise was the USB-C to Lightning charging cable.

A two-prong USB-C adapter was also included. Take that USB-A, you are not welcome here.


So, in summary: the iPhone 11 Pro looks good, feels good, and the new A13 Bionic processor made ordering a chicken schwarma on UberEats while I wrote this article an enriching and rewarding experience.

This is an opinion piece

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I bought an iPhone 11 Pro – Here’s what you need to know